Batman Stroke

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Album: Fast For Fucking Fun (4 way split album) (2005)

Song: Super Stars

Bitrate: 224kbps

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BATMAN STROKE is a band who came from Solo city, Central Java Indonesia, Batman Stroke created by Agus, Ajie and Eko because we had some vision about the music that we love, about the taste of girls, about life's and everything. On Saturday night at march 28th 2001 the three of us gathering on Eko houses talk about everything, because all of we didn't have a mate to visited and any plans to hang around. We talk some stupid conversation until we came to the topic "how about we made a new band" with melodic as our mainstream. Eko is a man who has strong personalities, he has a lot of band but he never exist, he always felt unsatisfied he always looking new experience, he influenced by a great band named Bad Religion, he said that no more band in this world who has good music, good lyrics, good personalities as Bad Religion. When batman stroke performed, batman stroke still with Eko he is singer and play bass, our first at St Pignatelli STIE academy. But pity on him he get out from this band now he played at DIRTY HARRY melodic punk band. So batman stroke are Agus and Ajie then came Risky a little man with a lot of crazy thing, he played guitar. Oh ya we can't forgot about Bagoes show for this band we are really-really nothing without him. His a multi talented man, he can play anything but his basic is drums almost all song from our album are made from him beside Agus. Agus, Bagoes, Eko still had related Bagoes and Eko are brother one blood, and with Agus are their nephew. Bagoes is additional drums from AUTOMATIC. This first line up in batman stroke (2001-2002) :

Agus : vocal, guitar

Ajie : guitar

Bagoes : additional drums

Eko : vocal, bass

Until now batman stroke still proud to keep a punk rock as they mainstream music especially a melodic punk. Who inspiration our music is melodic punk bands like Hi-Standard, MxPx, NO Use For A Name etc. now line-up in batman stroke are :

Agus : vocal, bass

Ajie : guitar, vocal

Bagoes : additional drums

Risky : guitar